Why most people fail trying to lose weight

I hope you're all having a wonderful week! I wanted to give you the insight I had yesterday and hope it helps to put things in perspective for anyone who's giving themselves a hard time with being a bit overweight. This is a bit long but worth it I promise.

Most people fail to lose weight not because their metabolisms are broken, or because they're lazy and just don't do enough. Most people struggle to lose weight because they approach it as a short term, all out, panicked sprint.

What I mean by that:

Most people treat weight loss as an emergency. You realize you're unhappy with the way you look or feel, and commit to going to the gym every day and eating clean. And then sometimes you start doing that! The issue is, you started sprinting. You went from walking to moving at full speed with nothing in between. Look at you go! The issue with sprinting, is it takes a TON of energy andinevitably, you run out of energy, and instead of slowing to a jog, you collapse to the ground, beat yourself up for not being able to sprint forever and inevitably end up at the same speed you started at or slower. 

Now for anyone who's not a runner or hasn't sprinted for a while, that example may not hit home, but I want you to think of weight loss as something that requires mental energy. If you have a stressful job/home life or have other things that take a lot of your mental energy it's going to be extremely unlikely that you're going to have a lot of energy to dedicate to losing weight. It often feels like it's "just one more thing" you have to do. 

It is. 

It is just another thing you have to do! And if you treat it as "just another thing you have to do" then you can take the same minimalist approach to doing it as you would anything else that's "just another thing you have to do". 

The key to weight loss is doing the least amount possible that still yields a positive result. That doesn't mean overhauling your life today. It means overhauling 1 thing every couple of weeks for the next year. If you can pick one thing to improve on every few weeks, and then add another thing to improve on once you've mastered the first, you won't see fast weight loss, but you will see weight loss for sure. The added bonus is, you'll feel better, you won't feel like you're having to kill yourself to change, and perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to maintain the weight loss once it comes off because you actually took the time to develop healthy habits that become second nature.

The moral of the story here is, if you treat weight loss like a sprint, you'll lose, and you'll likely end up worse than you were before. If you give yourself the time that YOU need to change, you'll lose the weight and keep it off. 

Because of the long term nature of weight loss, sometime having a short term, visible win when things don't seem to be progressing is enough to keep your head in the game. That's why we make our clothes. I have first hand experience losing 65 pounds, and I know the ins and outs of weight loss, and how frustrating it can be at times. But hang in there, and keep doing the work. You'll get there.

I hope you found this helpful! If you'd like to work with us for the next year we offer an amazing weight loss program thats available anywhere in the world. I'd love to get on a phone call, or grab a coffee and chat about how we can get you where you want to go. Just click here to learn more.

All the best,
Coach Calum

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  • This was very inspiring!!!!

    Thank you :)

    Kirsten Baliva

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