Pills Can't Replace Pillars


Sorry, I don't mean to be so aggressive about that, but here's the hard truth:

Fat loss supplements DO NOT WORK unless you do. If you're overweight, taking green coffee bean extract, fat burners, raspberry ketones or CLA won't offset a lack of exercise. You might lose weight, but only because your wallet is lighter. 

 If you haven't left this page yet, I applaud you, and you're in for a much more encouraging article from here.

It's not your fault you think fat burners work

Supplement companies spend a fortune advertising the magic effects of their products for give you the body of your dreams overnight. You're bombarded with images of "happy" and "healthy" fitness models that are super lean and holding a bottle of "xy's magic fat melting pills" and obviously you think to yourself, I want to be lean and topless and feel good about myself, I need those pills!

It just makes sense. They intentionally use advertising that makes you feel insecure about yourself. Then when you're nice and vulnerable, they sell you the SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER AFFORDABLE product that immediately fixes all your problems. 

Obviously that's enticing. Irresistible in fact. It's a massive industry, that's made massive amounts of money teaching you how not to reach your goals so that you constantly have to buy more crap. Pretty smart, huh?

Pills will never replace habits

There is no pill in the world that will replace a strong set of habits and skills. You can take any pill you want. All you have to do is trade some money for it and you're good to go!

Habits are different though. They take time, patience, failure, and effort to build! You need to slowly improve and build your skills, one piece at a time until you've practiced it so much it becomes second nature.

Being fit and healthy is a habit. You can't pay for it. You can't take it. All you can do is practice the skills of being healthy until eventually, they become second nature. Sounds boring, right?

Good!!! If you go into the idea of weight loss WANTING it to take a long time, you'll do 2 things:

1. You have more time to practice the skills! More practiced skills mean more impressive results, and the results last.

2. You FORCE yourself to let things happen at their own pace. You encourage the results to come when they're good and ready, and instead focus on the actions you're taking. When you focus on taking more action, you get more results. 

Action yields results. Pills do not.

As with anything in life, the actions you take yield the results you achieve. If you try to bypass the actions, eventually you come back to them anyway because whatever else you did didn't work. 

Weight loss is hard. So is building a house. So is building a business. But done correctly you'll make enough money to live the life you want, have a solid structure that lasts for centuries, and have a body that not only gets in shape, but stays that way for good.

That's all folks!


Coach Calum

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