Good Enough is Good Enough: The You Can Go Home Now story

Ah, the fitness industry. So full of promises, hopes and dreams. 6 pack abs in 6 weeks, rock hard glutes in a month, the body you’ve always wanted in these shakes and pre-prepped meals! It sounds too good to be true for the most part, doesn’t it?

Well, it is. That 6 pack in 6 weeks means you had to be pretty damn close to having it already, those rock hard glutes would require a previous ability to contract them (which tons of people can’t) and those shakes and pre prepped meals are mostly sawdust, and they’re low calorie because your body doesn’t recognize them as food and can’t absorb the energy.

My name is Calum, I’m one of the founders at Get Sweatin’. The You Can Go Home Now shirt was my idea, and the reason I made it was because I got tired of hearing how frustrated people were with themselves. I’m a personal trainer by trade, and the most common thing I hear from my clients is that they’re not doing enough. They’re not GOOD ENOUGH. I find this fascinating. It’s a sentiment that many of you can probably relate to. You’re not doing enough, you’re not working hard enough, you’re not eating clean enough, you’re not drinking enough water, etc. etc. etc.

The reason I find this so fascinating is that so many people are hyper aware of what they’re NOT doing, and seemingly completely unaware of what they ARE doing. It’s incredible to me that people can point out 10 of their flaws with ease, but struggle to find one thing they’ve done well. I think this speaks volumes about the way people have been conditioned by media/social media. They think unless they’re perfect they’re worthless. The value placed on the RESULT far outweighs the value put on the actual WORK, and as a result people fail to see the positive side of the work unless they see the result. That’s why I made the shirt. It makes the work the goal. When you make the work the goal, the outcome becomes less important, while simultaneously making the outcome more likely to happen, because you’re more likely to do the work.

My coaching programs are based entirely around that principle. GOOD ENOUGH, IS GOOD ENOUGH. Don’t have time to get a workout in? Can you walk up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator? Good enough! Don’t have time to prep a lunch today? Cool. Can you buy a lunch with vegetables and some reasonably healthy protein? Good enough!

The key to all of it is learning to recognize your habits, and learning to make decisions that make you feel good long term. It’s important to remember that everything going on in your life can be changed with your decisions, and that every decision you make is an opportunity for you to improve your situation. There will be lots of hiccups, lots of mistakes, and lots of opportunity for you to make more decisions in the future that will far outweigh those mistakes.

About the author

I’m Calum Shaw, I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach from Toronto, Ontario. I’m more interested in peoples thoughts and feelings around health and fitness than I am interested in the actual health and fitness, but I coach people on both. Outside of that I play guitar, piano, and suck at the drums. I like to drink beer though it hurts my stomach, and barbeque meat is my favorite food.

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