Chapter 8: Just Move

This week I want to send a shout-out to everyone who is unable to set their foot in a gym, for whatever reason. Maybe your anxiety won't let you (been there!); maybe your wallet won't let you (also, been there!); or maybe you just don't want to (ABSOLUTELY have been there!).
Guess what? That is totally okay! I am by no means a fitness expert; but I do know that - barring any physical limitations of course - getting your body moving more, no matter how, is generally good for your overall health.
So I thought I'd talk about some non-gym ways to get your body moving that are less pressure, less intimidating, and less harsh on the ol' pocket book than a gym. Here are some of my personal favourties:
  • go for a hike (or a walk!) - If you're choosing a hike, you can usually look up parks or hiking trails online to assess for difficulty level and adjust your choice accordingly. I like to do "photo walks" where I take my camera and capture my surroundings. Sometimes I get so lost in the photography aspect, I barely realize I've just done a 5km walk! 
  • if you work or live in a multi-floored building - get off the elevator a floor or two early and take the stairs the rest of the way - you can gradually increase the number of floors you can do and make it a game for yourself.
  • go swimming! Swimming is a great form of exercise, especially for larger bodied folks, as it is super easy on the joints. There are often free open swims at local pools too!
  • Put on your favourite up-tempo playlist and dance around your living room for 30 minutes! I am not kidding, I do this. It gets my heart rate up, so it definitely counts. 
  • Go online and find a "couch workout" (google it, tons of options will come up!) that you can do while catching up on your favourite TV shows.
Of course there are a plethora of other things you could do depending on your interests, physical ability, and available time. And remember from last week, it's okay to ask for help, so if you need some accountability, ask a friend to come with you andschedule it like any other social activity! 
Getting your body moving more is great for your overall health - mental and physical. Finding activities you can easily work into your day and that you enjoy are key. I've also found, the more I do it, the more comfortable I am in my body. I have more confidence overall, and I feel good mentally.
In the comments, I'd love for you to tell me about some of your favourite non-gym related ways you like to get your sweat on!
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