3 tips to stop feeling stuck and start losing weight

So, you're tired of feeling like you're spinning your wheels. You're ready to make a change but you've been thinking about it for so long you're not even sure what's wrong, or what to do about it anymore. 

In short, you're stuck.

Fortunately for you, you're not the first person. That's ever been stuck, and you certainly won't be the last, so I've put together a list of 5 super simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to start along the road to a healthier, fitter you.

1. Move your phone away from your bed

Seems like a weird place to start, eh? Well, did you know that sleep quality AND quantity is the #1 most important factor for weight loss? People who don't sleep enough or get poor quality sleep tend to suffer from weight gain, insulin sensitivity, low testosterone, high blood pressure and a host of other issues; all of which hinder weight loss.

In addition, poor sleep leads to anxiety and depression, and these two wonderful things (😒) often lead us to make choices that aren't in our best interests long term. 

While I can't help your anxiety and depression in a blog (please talk to someone) I CAN encourage you to move your phone which will do 2 things:

a. You'll have to put your phone away before you get into bed (no more browsing social media for hours)

b. You'll have to get out of bed in the morning when you're alarm goes off

By doing those things you're both starting and ending your day without procrastination, and not procrastinating is the first step towards taking regular action!

See what I did there? Practical, huh? 😉

2. Exercise in the morning

I realise this isn't possible for everyone, and I'm not saying bust your butt and get to the gym first thing in the morning, all I'm saying is, if you can start your day doing something active and good for yourself you'll do 2 things that have huge practical positive impacts on your life:

a. You start your day doing something positive for yourself, which will encourage you to do more positive things throughout the day. The first things you do in the morning set the tone for how your day will go, so start it off like the person you WANT to be.

b. Your exercise is already done! You don't have to go to work all day, be exhausted and THEN with whatever energy you have left go and slog through 30-60 minutes of exercise you don't want to do. Start your day with training, or go for a walk/bike ride or something before your day gets away from you. You might have to get up early and go to bed early, but at least you're doing something positive for yourself!

3. Don't do it alone

Olympians don't train alone. Pro athletes don't train alone. Literally only the most "dedicated" i.e. the anomalies, train alone. Change is hard! It's saying good bye to some things you're really comfortable I'm so that something you really want can take its place. There are lots of emotions, roadblocks, mental tricks and challenges along the way and if you try to do it without any support you're likely going to fail. Anyone who says otherwise is lying, or at very least not telling you the whole story. Don't get caught up in this "losing weight is easy" garbage. It's not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, and that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

And of course, a little shirt with some built in motivation never hurts 😉

That's all for me folks! Hope this was helpful. If i opt was I'd love to hear it, I'd love a share of you can manage it, and I'd love to talk to anyone who needs help losing weight. We've coached dozens of people to losing 15-50+ pounds all over the world and I hope you'll be next. If you think you'd like to work with me, fill out this survey and we'll set up a time to talk.



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