It's Time To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Imagine if buying a t-shirt could be the start of feeling great at your ideal body weight. We've seen it happen so many times, why shouldn't it happen to you? 

The problem is that when it comes to working out, it is hard to keep going. That's when most people give up.

This is why we created a line of t-shirts that will get you moving and keep you on the path to reaching your goals.

Stay Motivated

There's something about knowing you need to sweat through this shirt that will keep you going.

Lose Weight

Forget the latest diet fad. Nothing works better than exercise. Our shirt will get you sweatin'.

Get Lots Of Compliments

People love talking about these shirts. You will get lots of opportunities to brag about your progress.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $60.

"For years I struggled with my weight and lacked the motivation to work out.
My girlfriend bought me this shirt for my birthday. I wear it every time I go the gym and have dropped 25 pounds so far."
-Get Sweatin' Customer

Meet Calum Shaw, CEO of Get Sweatin'

I understand how defeating it can be to struggle with your weight. As someone who has lost 65 pounds, I also know the joy of feeling great again.

I started Get Sweatin' because I understand how defeating it can be to try a new program and have it not work. 

What does work is what you already know is true: eating right and exercising.

We all know the allure of a quick-fix. Having trained hundreds of people, I know quick fixes just don't work. I believe that rather than wasting more time and money on a routine that will not last, you can make the choice today to get serious about your health and Get Sweatin'.

As a certified personal trainer, there is no substitute for hard work. My clothing line is designed to inspire people to Get Sweatin' and discover the life they've always wanted to live. 

If you are interested in my one year training program, click the link below.

Learn About Our Training Program
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